Office Summer Party

I decided to write only after the party (you can notice that not very late in my case) if something would happen… Like pigs have wings …

I decided to dress up little fancier than usually and dressed up little cotton Chinese-top, a find from the last years sale. It was just fancy enough to be special, but not too fancy to be in particular attention in ordinary working day. One of my colleagues dresses fancier every day. There was just little problem that I did not notice before I was already in the morning train: it’s two middle most and the most strategical buckles tended to open all the time. I was almost neurotic as it was a warm day and I had not another top under it, nor any safety pins at office.

I felt sizzling feeling going around the office all day. It is strange how tension can grow. All of us, who were coming were waiting the evening as there was promise of good food, free drinks and pleasant and relaxed attitude. I was new at the last years party and although as there is (strategically?) working day next day and I left relatively yearly (as this year too), I had had good time.

This year the party began soon after four, or so we tought as plenty of people had gathered outside. But we had plenty of time to drink and chat. In fact too much time as I had eaten only little after ten a clock and had eaten only some veg and cottage cheese and not much more. I felt the the welcome punch and the wine to go my head, even when I tried to drink slowly. So I tried to be one of the first in the line for food.

We have 600 people, so plenty were new for me (us), but plenty were also well-known to me. First there were croup of slightly younger people, but as the evening progressed I noticed to be with older ladies. The band was playing nostalgic hit songs and it was nice to swing my hips, but there were not much hope for any other male company than my departments male spinster, the overly shy although very nice guy.

I only changed one spicy look with a nice looking guy and that was all. The high point of the “evening” being visiting upstairs the office of some colleagues, whose department I had not yet seen in this new office building. Yet it was nice to chat with them for a while and I ended up drinking little more than usual, but not much as I feel almost sober already. There is no wonder if I felt plenty of spinster tonight.

I left early as you can see like all good girls do. 😉


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