Words can Hurt and Heal

You remember those comments for years to come. They are encraved to your heart. It might have been light comment thrown in the spurr of moment, but it left the lasting marks in you. Yet there are some good comments that suprisingly make a lasting impact in  seconds.

I am sure every one of us have heard and said those comments. We all have different level and type of sensitivity. Some are more thick skinned than others and we all have our soft points that really hurt.

I fore excample have been very insecure of my femininity and female charm. When man tells me I am ugly – it really hurts. I only heard it once in my most tender years of teens and it left scars in me. I’ve heard plenty of times that I am pretty and even that I am really beautiful, but those words don’t have as lasting impact. Yet even then I thought what business of his is it, how I look.

Somebody told me just a little while a go in casual discussion that I did not come through as an unfeminine woman. And that comment had a healing power that none of those flattering comments on my beauty could have had. It is strange how some comments touch more than others. Maybe I just felt it was for real. Just like the comment years ago when truly close male friend told me never to change me on purpose. So sweet.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot of the importance of being careful with the words, my words.


2 Responses

  1. Interesting reading your posts, about life from a different perspective post 30s…and yes, words can wound or heal, depending on the way they are used…

  2. Thank you for reading me. 😉

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