Last Writing Before Summer Break

I am on Holiday: two weeks at the moment and so happy of the break. Unfortunately I’ll be not able to write and will be back only 27th of June. See you then. Last before the break, I am going to tell you story of a magical walk with a funny twist. I was happy I am no more 13 at that moment, because it was some what embarrassing.

I took a walk in a way I had never walked before. I chose to walk off the sun, but found something magical. I found an abandoned park and other small treasures and in the sunny morning it all looked rather magical. Everything ordinary had just gotten a beautiful and special twist. I was happy to change the route, but only later I realised how happy I was to walk through those deserted areas.

But the place I was not going was not open due to the summer time-tables. So I took a local train. I was dressed rather nicely and my hair was fine. I had yellow small top, over it thin yellow linen shirt-jacket and rather close-fitting dark denim-skirt. There was a guy in the station that looked rather long. I wondered but did not pay that much attention to it.

I visited a book shop and was walking on the way to blog, when two girls stopped me. They wanted to tell me that my skirt had a rather bad cleft in it. I had not noticed it and my panties were almost shown. What an humiliation. A true moment to thank good one is no more 13 (and…). I went home and did not go blogging as I intended. Rest of the day did not feel like going out at all.


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