Just One Minor Mess

I am back. Basically I have so much to write, I don’t know where to start. But maybe I should tell about my friends wedding. It made me realise that even the most sensible women go dotty in front of their “most important day” and I made solemn promise to myself to force the groom to elope, would there be a man to make me commit.

I gave my friend helping hand and support. And don’t get me wrong I truly enjoyed spending time with my friend and helping her out. And I felt I should as she is one of my oldest friends. She is usually very sensible lady, but still her weddings made her loose her touch, although I’ve seen far worst cases.  

I have never understand all the fussing and fretting around the silliest tiniest details around the wedding day and need to make the day perfect and oh so romantic with them. I mean: isn’t it the most important thing that your friends and family gathers to celebrate your union – not the minor silly details. And isin’t what makes it romantic the two people getting together in the name of love. Relax, please. But it seems I am oh so wrong.

I have long had a dream about either surprise weddings or elopement and now my heart is very much turning for the blessed elopement. I don’t want to turn berserk for any reason.

The most unpleasant was the grooms supercilious attitude towards the brides friends. The worst was when he made long list of people to thank in his own speech, but suavely forgot the two people, who had worked most for the wedding including the bride’s maid of honor and oldest friend. Bride needed to fill in. It did not add nice taste for the wedding and left for me a bad taste in my mouth.

Men – making great plans, but leaving women to full-fill them. I pet the wedding candies we used three days doing were originally his idea – they came from his shop. Oh-well he did not make a good impression for me the day before wedding nor in the actual day. Before I’ve never felt so resentful towards him.

The wedding day in itself was beautiful as well as the bride, which I can agree is important – much more important than somethin like the colour of the napkings (of which another friend of mine was mad about before her wedding). And the arandgments went rather smoothly, althoug the food was little over the top – too much of it.  Well the whole wedding day was little over the top. I will never say anything for them ofcouse, because it was their day – it is only here I can open up.


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  1. I hope you enjoyed your holidays, Raindreamer. I’ve also seen people fighting for stupid little details before a wedding, and ending up ignoring each other during the D-Day. It’s really curious. And also, I’ve been to weddings where the mother of the bride started to fight with her ex-husband’s newest conquest, ruining that special day. No wonder why I’m not fond of marriage: )

  2. I’m not against marriage – I am against the wedding fuss. 🙂
    Although that wedding and especially the attitude of the groom I tought I was sensing made me think about the first one too.

  3. Weddings bring out the best and worst in people. My fiance and I have started planning our special day and got into a rather heated argument in front of the rest of the family about silly details. So, I had to laugh when read your post today. The only explanation I can give is this: I want our wedding day to be perfect, right down to the tiniest details.

    That said, you’re right. Details shouldn’t get in the way of what’s really important. Weddings are a celebration of love and family. I’m especially appreciative of your comment about the groom’s thank-you speach. I must get on that right away and make sure it doesn’t happen with my guy.

  4. I know the groom was propably nerwous – I mean he was, I know it. She was much less. But still…

    I think avoidin hurting people are much more important than small details. Although others should make amendments and I tried to make mine too.

    But then again I am not a wedding person.

  5. I’m conflicted about my own wedding. I don’t want one for the exact reasons you describe. But at the same time, will I regret not having a beautiful, white dress? Or be sad because my dad didn’t walk me down the aisle?

    I guess I should wait to worry about this…I’m not even engaged!

  6. Hey! Now you have wandered off! Hope to catch you on the blog sooner or later!

  7. Billy: Yes! The summer happend. I just can’t sit on computer. I’ll still have some holiday to go – so hope to be properly back at least in september.

    And Sara: As long as you just are satisfide with white dress and dad walking you down the isle it will be not big problem, I think. It is all those other little things…

  8. Oh, you’re back! You’ve been missed. When you will come back properly in september, don’t forget that you’ve been tagged. 😀

  9. Again…!!

    I’ll look at it next week – may be… 😉

    Now I am heading to country side.

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