I was tagged: 6(7) Bloggers to Admire

Thanks to modobs I got to promote some blogs – put it is hard…
so hard.

First of all I mostly read blogs of people that read my blog and vice versa. And I love all your blogs… and bow down for you all in different ways. Espesially: Modobs, Billy, BD and Globetrotteri, but also others. But for some extra:

1. Anne’s Food is a lovely food blog by a Swedish young woman. Delicious… And she occasionally writes about her cats too.

2.Dave on Missed manners. Don’t remember to read him very often, but he is interesting every time.

3. Reasic writes interesting things about climate change – and again I forget to read it.

4. Aaron in Africa was great too, although he stopped blogging in may – I think.

5. Now the rut I definately read more often. It is cartoons … And more about that in the pencils at dawn.

6. Meditation on Photography.

The last does not exactly make me bow down, but I love it anyway:

7.  The life of little Sophie from Love International.

And now it is your turn to give yours: BD, Globetrotteri and Billy (this was also supposed to be 7 – but what ever).

So long everybody,


One Response

  1. Thank you, Raindreamer, for taking this tag! I really love your blog too.

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