Old Men’s Darling?

Last friday was strange. Let us start from beginning – or at least something that I believe was the beginning. So I bought digi-camera and for the lack of things to photograph took some photos of my self. I looked at those photos and realised the expression I’d felt as neutral was in fact a bit sour – and the expression that I already tought was smiling was more or less neutral. I suppose I’ve been a bit lazy smiler.

So I decided to practice my new neutral expression – as I don’t want to look sour, when I don’t feel like sour. So I have kept my smiling muscles (facial) occupied so I look what I feel is neutral. It means that my corners of the moth are straight and not falling down.

Anyway: I’ve been practicing that for a week now and I suppose something happend in friday – or else my horoscope went crazy. First this very fat old man (he had huge beer belly) proposed me out of nowhere (I swear I’ve never met him). This was just an hour before I met another old man (at least 20 years of my senior), who asked if he could sit besides me at the bus on the way to the country-side (to see my mother).

He was OK to talk with as the trip was rather long and anyway I did not want to hurt his feelings, but the problem became, when he could not understand that I did not want to meet him later. “Just for friends” – right! I am sorry to say he was not that good company. And I felt uneasy espesially after he could not accept the “no”.

I remember years ago, when I was wondering the attention I got from the street from young men, my slightly older and more voluptious friend commented, that she only gets attention from older men. Last friday I felt like totally stepping in that category. Happily my ride back at Sunday prowed me at least a little a bit wrong. And made me truly smile.

So I am not stopping my new training program. I got keep these muscles active. I suppose this is the risk one takes, when one gives up the sour expression: smiles are not private or directed towards just some people. Smiles are for everybody.


2 Responses

  1. that was funny 😀

    although this attraction of old people towards voluptuous females is something new :O

  2. I’m happy that you liked. 😉

    Some Explanation:

    First to say: I am certainly not voluptuos. And that was not the point any way. I don’t think they liked her because of her size, but because she was happy and smiley. [She’d rather had attention from younger men (and so would I).]

    Second: I did not feel nice to say she was always on the diet – if you understand what I mean – and for a bit of a reason (although not her fault as she was a keen athlete; more like genetic thing I understood).

    Third: Maybe older men don’t feel so much that women ought to be fashionably thin; the traditional beauty criterion in my culture being that women should have proper hips.

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