What Women Want?

This is for all you gents. As much as I know these are things most women want (from relationhip with man).

1. Admiration – we want to feel we are beautiful in the men’s eyes weather we are 3 or 90. If our own man does not give this, we may look for elsewhere. Most women don’t feel so pretty and they need constant admiration, so please say it aloud.

2. Respect – most of us don’t want to be treated as airheads – and those who seem to do, pretend because they think men want it. Our views of the world maybe different and you may not always understand them, but remember that if you don’t understand it does not mean its stupid. We may also not know insiders of the mens world, but don’t treat us as we could not, as we are not stupid.

3. Security – we are weaker sex by definition and most of us are afraid in some level or another. We want to be able to trust in our men, but if we have bad experiences in the past, it may not be easy.  Remember it is not always your fault, if we cannot. But in secure environment we can learn to fly and be courageous.

As much as we want your respect, we also want to be able to respect you too. Relationship, where woman cannot respect man, is heading for disaster – believe me.

4. Romance: We love to be able to forget the dirty loundry. Every man, who ever complains that he does not get enough sweetness from his women, should check his attitude. Is that sweet thing just your selfish performance and does she just fake it? Is she supposed to be your nanny, nurse, housekeeper and prostitute at the same time?

Romance is not necessary huge bucket of flowers. It may also be washed dishes or children put to bed in time. We also need some innocent cuddling. If we have our minimium quantity of that we may want something else too, and as that is in your own best interest, you should take the clue.


9 Responses

  1. I could seriously tell this to someone i know… that’s if i have the guts to do so.

    Womanhood is power, but man should also realize that jokes can kill even the bravest soul. I agree with your guidelines… I love being cuddled and told every now and then that i am loved

  2. Well I am not sure if all the womenfolk share the same wants, but now we certainly know what you want 😀

  3. I agree with you 100 % on this, Raindreamer.

  4. See BD at least two ladies agree with me on this instantly. 😉

    Thank you ladies for support in my serious attempt to educate the male folk. 🙂

    bebenibadoodles: I agree you on those jokes – they can really hurt badly and deeply.

  5. What women want and need will always be idiosyncratic to the individual woman. It’s taking me most of my life to define who I am..that in turn, lead me to figure out what I wanted. Even so, that’s still a work in progress.

    I’ll agree with admiration, respect and romance. Security too, but I”m talking emotionally. I want to be secure knowing I’m a wanted and welcomed part of a healthy relationship. I don’t want to be needed nor do I want to “need” any man. Having battled vicious co-dependent demons most of my life, the shedding of this emotional albatross has been my reward for vanquishing the foe. Wanting a man is far better then needing a man based on some gender specific primordial design.

    Are women weaker? Physically, yes but that’s where that ends. We’ve always been stronger than we’ve allowed ourselves to believe.

    If we choose to play a submissive role..fine. As long as we want to be in that role….not one we feel the need to be in.

    I enjoyed this post. It was thought provoking.

    Thanks for letting me rant.


  6. I once read in Ann Landers or Dear Abby (not very scientific sources but helpful nonetheless) that these are the fifteen words all women want to hear:
    1. I love you.
    2. You look great!
    3. I was wrong.
    4. Let’s eat out.
    5. Can I help?

  7. And picking up the tab. Damn liberalisation and all that, I still like it when the man picks up the tab at the end of the evening, and doesnt open up his calculator to divide the bill…

  8. This is for both BD and Laurie: I did not claim that all women want exactly this, but that these are the things most women want from long term relationship.

    And Laurie: as I said: love all the discussion!

    Thank you Marlayane – could not agree more.

    Thirtysixandcounting: Definately a thing to do in the most important dates … although guys can relax a bit later, I think.

  9. @laurie

    that was really insightful.

    i was just pulling your leg 😉

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