High Fidelity or “Now They Admit It”

I was sick and watched old movies – at least the movies that were old in my catecory, including High Fidelity (2000?). I went throught the extras and in them John Cusack (one of the co-writers and producers of the movie as well as the key actor) commented on imperfect hero. He said that women had loved the guy, because he was honest: “Now they admit it…”

Cusac also noted that it is imperfection that makes people interesting – and complicated. Idea of the movie is that guy wonders what is wrong with him, because women always leave him. (Sorry some plot follows). He goes looking in the past, finds out that he has been hunting a dream (woman), gets tired on never ending dreamhunt and understands the only thing he never got bored was his old girlfriend.

One of the keye moments is when he propose by explaining all this -and she thanks him and asks if he really tought she would say yes. He answers that he tought the important thing was asking. But it is his honesty that makes impression – not the clumsyness of proposal. You can see that his mind has taken an important turn.

I’ve seen this film dozens of times and I do watch it regularly. It is because the guy opens his eyes and sees what is truly important in his life. And he is honest enought to admit where he has gone wrong. He is ready to admit that he is tired of dreaming and wants what is best in reality. Maybe that is being adult…


4 Responses

  1. I have fallen sick now 😦

  2. Poor you – get better soon. 😐
    Did you get it from me? 😉

  3. I hope you’re getting better, Raindreamer. I didn’t see that movie, but I’ve read the book and I love it. In fact, I really appreciate every book Nick Hornby wrote, except the last one.
    This movie, as the book, is really down-to-earth. You’re right.

  4. I am alright – just having one of my holidays – and basicly on the run, doing all those things I did not have time to do before + doing nothing = No time to blog, but next week promise to blog more. 🙂

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