Summing up the First Half Year of the Blog

I started this blog January 17th this year. In this first half year I’ve got over 10 000 visits. I know there are blogs that people visit more often, but for my blog, I think, it is still quite nice figure.

Before this post there has been total of 100 bloggings and 153 comments. Average views per day is something between 30-40.

So what brings strangers here?

My most popular post this far has definately been Stupid Girls about the Paris etc. People find my blog, when they try to find things about:

  • Tall women
  • John Donne (the poet)
  • Italian Guys
  • Cat Fights
  • Spinsters (of course)
  • And sadly: Anorectic
  • Used to be also: Anniversaries

There have been all the kind of strange searches too. There have been moments I’ve been laughing out loud. Some of the best of last seven days (as far as one can check:)

  • can tall women wear heels? – Just put them on… 
  • women looking for affairs – Sad Guy, found the wrong place.
  • sexy stupid girl -pink
  • height of the tallest model in india
  • I’m too shy to meet women
  • allergy to cats dating
  • hate when tall guys are with short women
  • Doctor Role Model Handsome
  • ethics italian men dating    🙂
  • nishantmodak male female friendship ~ Hey somebody has done some web research on someone, interesting… I wonder if she understood that he can see it in his blog…

Not anything that funny this time.

The last months favourites:

  • Some “Stupid Girls”, or are they? 215 (1006 total)
  • Girl Feeling Giraffe  98 (443 total)
  • What Women Want? 73
  • Just One Minor Mess 45 (168 total)
  • “I love you, I need you!” 45 (233 total)

Long time populars also:

  • Can Men and Women be Friends? – 207 total
  • Too Picky or Too Shy? – 166 total
  • What Should One Think about Marriage? – 117 total
  • Can’t I have Some Criteria for Men? – 107 total
  • Do Blonds Really Like Have More Fun? – 167 total

I Want to Thank all you people, who read (and comment) my blog regularly. You have made this writing thing worth it. I did not excetpt this much when I started this.

I also want to thank WordPress for great service and or the great qualities you have here. Best blogging service I know and what is the best thing: developing fast forward. 🙂

Espesially for:

  • Akismet Spam-block (almost 5000 spam comments). Relationships being the theme of the blog you can imaging what kind of dirty comments I would get.
  • All the Blog Stats qualities – so much fun. One wish: could one get the list of all the time favourite postings?
  • The cloud and the recent comments with avatars – love those both.
  • Tags
  • The spellcheck
  • Almost forgot as I am so used to it: split the post

3 Responses

  1. Ah, search engine terms! It’s such a mystery to me. And also, the posts that are the most popular are usually not the ones you would have thought. Have you noticed that?
    And congrats to your 10000 visits (and counting) 😀

  2. Just keep writing ‘bindaas’, your stats are gonna double!

  3. Thank you… 8)

    By the way BD you are my “oldest” continuing commentor as you commented first time February 1st and Carrie (Globetrotteri) was here first time February 3rd – So extra thank you. 😀

    Yes it is wonder what people are looking for from net – and what they find. 🙄 Never stops making me wonder. I once found a blog of somebody collecting the most silliest searches in a specific page, but I don’t anymore remember whose was it. These in this posting were not even that funny – there has been much more hilarious ones…

    By the way yesterdays biggest hit was Valentine-day – now Valentines in August thats something… 😆

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