Really Have to Tell You These: Men and Filmstars

One of these real-life stories came up in blog-conversation with Modobs and in my mind it led to another… Sometimes real life is funnier than jokes – at least the first story. So this is about men, fancying the celebs and the double standards.

This story was told me by my friend, because I was not present although I knew guys involved pretty well. The story happend in a student house, where there are male and female apartments, but commons social room, where one can watch TV.

So my friend (woman) was watching this movie with guys. Let say it was historical movie situated in Scotland. There was a rider with beautiful red hair and they guys went on like “Oh, oh”, “Oh she has such a beautiful hair” and “Show your face beauty” and he showed his face… And my friend had hard time trying to hold her laugh. It was dear Mel with his handsome face. (If you did not get this check the movie and the rider from the end of the post).

The next story happend in the same tv-room some years later in those years when Leonardo di Caprio was the favourite hearbroker of all young girls and women.

There was this young man (if we can call him that) still in his boyish years (like Leo too). I suppose he was a bit jealous for Leo. He went on and on how Brad Pitt was the Man and Leo of course was nothing. (He loved flyfishing and had seen the River Runst Through It). The same guy could spent evnings to praise Natalia Imbruglia and other fast changing loves of his life.

The last one happend in the same tv-room where we were again watching movie – this time with my friend (woman, another than in first story) – the Horse Whisperer. Her boyfriend was there too, supposedly not watching the movie, but reading newspaper. We admired the very well preserved looks and the fit body of the Robert Redford. It was just a short comment – we did not go on and on like guys do – just noted that it would be nice if ones own guy would stay as well preserved too. He did not like it at all.

(Ps. The movie was Braveheart and the rider was of course Mel Gibson 😉  )

2 Responses

  1. Haha, now I know all the story, Raindreamer 😛 . I really can’t understand why men can talk so easily about other women and female celebrity with many many details on their anatomy, but when it’s our turn just to mention how handsome is Brad Pitt or George Clooney, just with a few words, they are immediately offended. There’s something to do with jealousy, I think… They can’t help compare themselves with the object of our attention (and they realize sometimes there’s a huge gap between Brad and them).

  2. Yes you inspired me and reminded me of these incidents.

    They have such a double standards. I have listened their explanations with sweet smile, but when I even mention sometning – they go bezerk. Men! 🙄

    But at least we can laugh a little. 😆

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