Me and My Sis

I met my sister just a while ago. I don’t always know what to think of meeting her, because it seems that I am bent to miff her. She always goes sour and it is usually my affair to make her mellow again by changing the subject of discussion. It is tiresome when you feel that somebody disaprooves you plenty of time. And this is my baby sister.

Family relationships are not easy and espesially sisterhood with all the sibling jealously one is not always even avare of. It has occured me only lately that while being spiky my sister is really envious on my childhood so called intellectual status, which I got tired of long ago. I could not care less and sometimes I am puzzled when she lounches attack on some of my comments.

It is tiredsome if one needs to be in ones toes all the time with any relationship. My sister has always been like that with family members. In her teens she was impossible. She has much more patience towards anybody else than us. Sometimes I feel she is hard. She has this very stern look and she uses acid tone to make one understand their place. It seems that her opinion is the only right one. She would give me greeps if she would not be my sister. Strange how different one can be.

I don’t mean my sister is all this. She can be fun with her pals. She is much more energetic than the rest of us (except my deceased father) and I suppose it is tiresome to wait the rest of the family to move. Yet she does not understand that her way of trying to move us really slows us down.

I slow down when I am uncomfortable and she makes me really uncomfortable. I don’t feel like making an efford to meet her. And when I don’t feel like something I try to postpone it as long as I can – indefinately if possible. She makes me feel so inadequate. We are just cut of so different wood and she seems to have difficulty of understanding this. Maybe it is because she is younger. I just hope she would be little more understanding.

I love to meet her – I really do. When she calls that she wants to meet me (we are living in the different cities) usually on short notice I try to make it. There is real tenderness between us and we by no means hate each other. Afterwards I only felt tired and tense. I would hope meeting her would not make me feel like that. When I don’t see her for a while I wonder if she is annoyed with me and yet when I see her, she makes me feel like this.


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