Strange Things Happen

One evening I got a call from a short of cousin of mine I’d not seen for some years, He was in the city and wanted to drink one bear. It did not feel comfortable from the beginning. It was strangest meeting ever.

I think he was not sober when I met him. I kept saying that I have early start next day and must go to home soon. He kept telling me about, how he had problems with his boss. We used to play as kids and he used to tease me and scare me. I sensed there was some kind of problem, but we are not that close that I’d dared to ask. I did not know what he wanted. I still don’t.

I left before midnight and even that was far too late for me. I don’t know what guardian angel told me to time my phone for the silent mode for the night. He had called three times. I don’t really know what to do. Should I tell her sister or should I just keep silent. There is nobody else I could tell, as I don’t want to tell tales to his wife. I wonder if they had some problem in the marriage.

He asked me if I had a boyfriend. I just smiled little embarrassed about being spinster. He made conclusion that I had and I did not deny it. I was kind of relieved as I could not have lied intentionally. He has never before been interested. I felt very uncomfortable. I felt I should never have gone out with him. By part of me considered him as my childhood pal. Yet I should learn I cannot no more think so. I have too blue eyes with men sometimes.

At the end I cant believe it was not as innocent I’d wanted. I promised myself it was the last time… Part of me wants to think that he was just lonely and wanted to talk with some one, part think that evening as a huge mistake on my part. I feel myself as too free lady.


2 Responses

  1. Don’t tell his wife about this. You really don’t know how this can turn out. She could hate you for telling this, I know it from a personal experience.
    It’s not very pleasant when you’re trapped in another couple’s problems, and just seen (probably) as an easy way out for the husband.

  2. I was contemplating of telling his big sister – I was well avare not to tell his wife. Now I’ve made decission not to tell big-sis either – I mean: what could I tell her… that I had this feeling he has problems – and also maybe with alcohol. Their parents had problems with alcohol.

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