We Want to Respect

I’ve talked about this whit a whole lot of women. There are of course women that don’t fall in this line, but most of us do: we want to be able to respect our partners at least in some level. We often call men eternal boys and you may see us smile, but even in those boys we need something to look up to. What that is depends on a woman.

There was a discussion in the blogging world about, how it can take woman two days to know if man is attractive – while men know it immediately. Even good-looking women don’t necessarily choose pretty boys and it is not because they would not get those – rather than they want more substantial men. While many men want to worship the beauty – women want to respect the personality or character. Yet both want to be able to look up to their mate although in different kind of ways.

There are of course women, who want to babysit men. These women are still rarity and I think the attitude is some what unhealthy and the prospects of the relationship in question are not very good ones. Usually men, who want mummy are not to be bargained for. But if you want a man whit problems go ahead.

My man does not necessary have to be taller than me nor does he have to be more intelligent than me, but I rather like him having bones and guts. He might be timid, but rather not a weasel nor soft-boiled. Man should have character and principles, because those are things I look up to. What I am looking for is a short of silent strength instead of loud boasting, which I’ve often found empty.

Now other women can be looking for other kind of features. Some like to fancy tall men who would make them feel minute and feminine, while others would like to be dazzled by his intelligence. Some might fancy bold men or loud men or sporty men or strong men, but anyhow they want to look up to their men either in reality or figuratively. Yet men don’t often understand this.


2 Responses

  1. It’s reassuring to read these words. I suppose I’m one of the few that value the whole person… instead of the appearance.
    Beauty fades with age, personality is forever.

  2. It is naive to think that parents would suddenly open up for snotty journalists after this long time. It is police, who does the investigation. Crimes may have been solved by proper investicative journalism – but never this kind of yellow press style. It just hinders the investication, degrades people involved and unfortunately sells press to those stupid enough to buy. Do you think it is right to make business of others misery?

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