An Age Old Question

I’ve heard the question so many times along the years: “How old are you?” And a comment after that I look much younger. Or occasionally, when I am not ready to say (you should never ask lady’s age!) people start guessing. Easily five years is dropped of in either case. And I’ve got few wrinkles. Some say it is blessing, but I am not always so sure.

When I was younger I used to think it as a kind of insult: “Am I not mature enough?” I was well ahead of my peers in University studies and was still asked whether I was younger. I remember one guys horrified face, when I told him that I was doing my master thesis – and his relief, when hearing of my mature age of 22. See in my country people are usually older, when they do it.

In Italy I was during one crazy afternoon I was asked by two (Italian) persons, unaware of each other, whether I was 16th or 28th. I don’t know the reasons of the other person (he was Italian guy whit whom I was playing shy to be left alone), but the lady who guessed the upper one, told it was due to my maturity. I was 23 by the way. It was one of the weirdest moments of my life, along whit the moment, when I was asked in India whether I was Indian. Can only guess what made to guys to ask that. Maybe it was my accent?!

It was annoying when I was treated as a little girl, when I was younger. They took one look on my face and decided that I must be young. When I was teaching 15-years-olds, I was asked whether I was in high school – I was 25. The older I get more nicer it feels as I have reached the age I’m not treated as a kid anymore. They don’t anymore think I’m twenty – now I’m 25.

Men don’t usually dare to ask my age (although it happens). They seem to have well learned that you may never ask woman’s age. The usually questions only come, when they got some clue, that I might not be as young as they suppose. But usually they seem to think me younger, at least I think so, as I’ve been getting younger and younger admires. They don’t even take the clue of my girl-friends, who are mostly of my own age, occasionally older.


2 Responses

  1. I’ve got the same problem than you. Recently, a guy rang the bell of my house, and when I came to open the door to him, he asked me where were my parents. People often think I’m 10 years younger than my real age.

  2. That was bad – never happend to me on that level. 16 has been the youngest… Well I suppose you can ask parents from the 16 years old…

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