Older or Younger Man?

Ladies mostly live longer than gents. Yet men are generally older than women, when they marry. The maths in this question are difficult. The age matters if you are looking for steady partner. Men are most likely to want to settle down in their late 20s or early 30s. Yet there are always exceptions. I my self have not yet been able to solve the question.

Yesterday I wrote about the problematic age question (about appearing younger than I am). The result have usually been that the men buzzing around me have been younger or at the tops my age. Scary! They so often make me feel like I am ancient and that I am like their mummy or big sis. Not always of course. There are some men mature beyond their age – but that is rare. Especially when women usually mature faster. Never ever toughed about men much older that me – as that would be even more scary – I am not looking for daddy.

I met a guy in a independence day party couple of years ago, where I was with my older friend (some four years). I kept up polite conversation, like one does. I liked him, but he was f-i-v-e  y-e-a-r-s younger – at least. Now 2-3 I can take, but 5 is a bit too much. So I was a bit of undeceive with him. I mean he was nice, but…

It took me so long that I found out that there were serious other issues.  In the end it was not age questions, but more like value question. On the surface our values seemed quite similar, but deep down we were too different.

There was another younger man, much beyond his years. He was a big brother of a retarded little sister and I suppose that had made him see the world little different. He left me always with good impression – no, it was more: I fell for him. Yet there the age was problem: he knew I was older and that made him tip toe around me and finally I gave up. Some things are not meant to be. After that I resolved that relationships whit younger men are far too difficult.

The truth about older men are that at my age they are usually either fixed bachelors or bitter divorcees. The catch is that many older men are comfortable in their skins much more than younger ones. They don’t need the big bravado or huge impressions to make their presence known. And as we know men age well.

Yet I am waiting the big love that throws all my estimates of male species out of the windows. I hope it becomes before I’ll become hopelessly spinster.


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  1. Yeah — relationships with younger men are difficult — but statistics show that, because couples where the woman is older know going into it that it is harder (as opposed to all those folks who believe everything is happily ever after), they have a higher success rate because they work harder.

    That said, I’m still single. But I have lots of friends married to younger guys. Just not a lot younger — they aren’t looking to raise children!

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