News Flash: Why Women Like Kissing More?

Well this should be no news to nobody. The first season of Friends over decade ago already stated: while kissing is for men just a prelude for the intercourse for women it meens more. (And men should kiss more if they want to gain the points…) Well for women kissing is a bonding prosess.

Well now it is also scientifically studied. Read BBC: Why kissing means more to women.

Also in BBC: Chocolate ‘better than kissing’


2 Responses

  1. i agree. 🙂 that’s why women tend not to kiss just anyone. i for one am choosy.

    hey nice look. this one i like better. the header is also cool. i just realized i miss reading your blog.

    more entries on kissing if you please 🙂

  2. Let us see. Maybe… 😉

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