When Can We Expect the Happy Event?

We have had had some happy events at the office. Two of my female colleagues have got engage and one just got married quite suddenly. When she got a present and flowers they asked me, when is the happy event. I just smiled. What else could I have done. 

The lady, who got married just few week ago, just glows. I am happy for her. I wonder why the marriage makes so huge different as she was living whit her man for some months before they got married and had dated for some time before. They are older couple – he is a widower and she’s divorcee both having adult children. They had already dated as teenagers and then they met again and fell in love. So sweet. It is lovely that people get second changes in their life.

Some devious little imp whispers in my ear that this sparkling time of happiness does not last forever. I red a study that stated that people return to their previous (normal) state of happiness after certain time. The lovely moments of love don’t last forever, which makes then even more precious at the time you have them.

I am not jealous for her. I used to be envious, when people had their happy moments, but I’ve learned to be happy for them. I used to whine, why I did not have the same kind of luck, but envy is just a waste of energy. You can get much more of being happy for others. It took time to learn this though.

I met my friend and her new husband in the weekend too. She had not bought anything new for ages and we went shopping. It was due to the wedding dress bill. We both bought something from the sale, so it was not very expensive. He had some work to do at the same time so we met on the late lunch. They are sweet together, but on the other hand I feel like an intruder whit them together.

But when can we expect my happy event? Ask the fortune-teller – I don’t know. Lately I’ve felt strongly, that maybe never. Maybe I am too fixed spinster… You never know. 😉


2 Responses

  1. It’s difficult to answer this question, Raindreamer. Maybe like most of my single friends who have jumped into the other side of the wall, it will hit you like a bus when you don’t expect it the least.

  2. Yes: I’ve known those oath sworn spinsters, who end up married under no time. Yet I know also those, who want man, but don’t get one.

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