Feeling Fat and Ugly

Female life. Battered ego. Today I am feeling fat – and ugly. Not bad hair day tough – saved at least from that. Before Bridget Jones I tought it was just me. She opened our eyes and mouths to talk.

The facts don’t matter, when one feels fat. In fact I did this test in the net, where you had to choose your body image and but your weight – and then it showed, what was the real body. I considered myself fatter than I actually could be. The most women would have succeed about the same way, but most males, I understand, would have balanced the scale on the other direction: believing they look better than they actually do.  Maybe new metro-sexuals can change traditional equation.  

[I have to admit that behind my fat feeling was about 200g of Toblerone white chocolate eaten in Saturday and Sunday. I was so bad!]

There have been a lot of talk about the changed sizes (all the sizes are getting bigger) used to blur the truth that the public body image  is not healthy today. Some sources stated that last season the average height of models at the European cat walks were supposed to be 179 cm average whit the average weight of about 50 kg. Everybody, who can count, knows that cannot be healthy (average BMI being about 15,5). Some European  officials (Spain, Milan) banned models under BMI (Body Mass Index) 18, while BMI 18,5 – 25 is generally considered healthy by medical  authorities. The several studies have confirmed that the public body images have impact on our personal body images. No wonder we are feeling fat.  

I’ve always thought that I have short of round or square face until somebody told me that I have more like a long face. I started to look myself differently – but I really had to measure myself from the picture, before I bevelled the fact.  Still sometimes like in the yesterday morning, when my face felt swollen and looked a bit too, I have hard time not thinking my face as a moon. Somebody told me I was ugly at the most vulnerable age of 13. It has affected my self image quite a lot since then.

On the top of feeling ugly I had dentist today and due to some stupid things I did postponing dentist in the spring: a root treatment. Now that does not make one feel happy and hopeful for that day. Fortunately the dentist was generous whit local anesthetic. I did not feel a thing. I am happy to go there another time as I don’t have to be afraid of the pain.


2 Responses

  1. Aawww, Toblerone! This should be banned! One of my friends, who’s afraid of plane, just eat one bar of it after another to calm down during the flight. I guess they have put xanax in it, I don’t see other explanations.

  2. Yes. It is far too wonderful …

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