Blogspotting: Recycling Something Old

I will now share whit you this old posting by Avanoo that pops up in my-comments once in a while. Since 9 months it was originally posted it has (slightly irritatingly) collected comments infrequently up-to now. So I am now sharing this thought provoking posting whit you too: The Science Is Clear: Marriage Should Be Eradicated

I said 9 months ago: Science is never clear…especially social science. I say this as some one, who once studied this field. You may always pick up the studies that please you.

Marriage is a lot about expectations. In my own country the divorce rates differ greatly from one part of the country to other, and this in a country, where divorce has been made really easy.

I think people now-a-days don’t expect the marriage to last and the power of expectations is great. It is also shown by social science that when we read and watch (even fictional) affairs to happen, we start to expect them in our own life too. Also it has been studied, that the [exposal to high amount of] beautiful people over the medias makes us less satisfied with what [(partners)] we have.

As others have said: the problem of marriage is in people mind, expectations and in modern culture, not marriage it self.


2 Responses

  1. I agree with what you said ..
    ” Problems of Marriage are in people’s mind , expectations and in Modern Culture,

    Not Marriage itself ”

    I would share this post with my friends, who are going through a phase.. where they need to understand what marriage really is.

    Thanks a lot.

  2. Yes, well that was one of my wise moments. 😉 Happy to be of help.

    By the way Avanoo claimed that cheating persentages would as high as 40% among married women and 60% among men. There are other more aclaimed studies saying that the true persentages are about 22% among married men (during whole of their marriate) and less among women. Only about 0,5% of partners have repeated affairs. Only 17 % of divorces are due to cheating. [Source: Associated Press]

    And has been said: “Another problem with infidelity statistics is whether to read that the glass is 22% empty or 78% full. Certainly, many, many people cheat. But most people apparently do not, at least by the conventional definition”.

    More info:
    Affairs rare despite rumored popularity,” by Karen S. Peterson. USA TODAY
    December 21, 1998
    Infidelity Check: Statistics

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