Travel Plans in the Spinsterish Mode

I am taking my mom for a holiday. Firstly: no big partying for sure. Secondly: she has bad legs, so not  necessarily much sight seeing either. She acts like a little girl asking for advice. My auntie had told her there might be cockroaches there, so we planned to take air-tight box for food.

This might be one time thing. She is looking to fill reserves for vitamin-D and I am looking for the light. Darkness at this time of the year is killing me. So we are both looking for sun, but not for tan. I’m going to back some light books whit me. Eating well and going to one excursion at least. So lame.

I try to think positively: it has to get darker to be able to get lighter, but this time of the year is so hard. My inner clock is totally mixed up and I’d love to sleep and sleep and sleep all the mornings. I use “bright light” or “light theraphy” that helps a little, but its impact is still rather low. I’ve been planning to buy so called “dawn stimulation“.

I am propably affected by the “seasonal affective disorder“, which is especially hard here in Northern Europe, where population is more thickly spread in the north thanks to the Gulf Stream that makes Northern Europe much warmer than Northern America and Asia on the same latitudes. This means that more people are affected by the lack of light in the mid-winter, even if it doesn’t ever become totally dark here. The worst time for me is before Christmas in the late November and early December.

Now you have to understand that my mother has scarcely travelled before. I am much more experienced in this field. My auntie and many of my moms friends are much more experienced. One of her childhood friends spends her winters in the south whit her husband. When we were kids, we hardly ever travelled.

I am much more used to travelling autonomously than whit package tours. And I am not into beach life. In my experiences it just bores me.  I rather see something exotic. So this tour is like senior travel for me, but I am happy to go whit my mother. In the spring I am hoping to go off whit my well travelled sis or some of my friends to see some Italy. I am expecting much more of that trip.

It was my mother’s idea by the way to go Morocco. My girl cousin used to be married whit Moroccan man – very nice guy by the way. And my auntie and  her husband have been travelling there a little. I I offered to take my mother to Greece or Cyprus, because I was expecting lower culture shock, but she did not want to go to Mediterranean, because there might rain this time of the year.

It is travelling year for the siblings as my uncle (my mothers big brother) was first time abroad, I believe, and travelled to the China whit Trans-Siberian railways. He had enjoyed the trip and truly surprised us all, not least me. But he has always been the most enigmatic of my uncles. He is keen reader and a friendly, flexible man.

My mother has travelled in Scandinavia before, so this is not exactly the first experience, but it is first time beyond the North. Yet she is prepared for cockroaches and stuff, and I warned her about potential sunburns, so not much to worry about shocking things, I hope. And we are her daughters anyhow. It is strange to feel like my mother big sister in this thing. For me travelling is so usual. I’ve seen so much that nothing much worries me. She on the other hand was asking what to wear and what to take whit her.

I have to say she has prepared much better than I have taking vaccinations for hepatitis (A/B), while mine are a bit old. Maybe I am slightly over-relaxed here.


2 Responses

  1. Good luck on the vacation! It sounds like you need it. I’ve used some dawn stimulation equipment while I was on an extended tour in Alaska and it worked pretty well. :- )

  2. I also have dawn lamp and I love it. Happily April is so much better.

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