Dreaming Relationship

I wonder if I am going through some short of mental change. Dreams are supposed to reflect the movements of the subconscious and in my dreams I am having relationship (serious dating or marriage). Nothing particular in those dreams. In them it seem so natural to have relationship. Its like I’ve always been in one.

At her hen night last spring my friend told us that she went through a process during the last few years that made her ready for relationship. I wonder if I am going through something like that.

I’ve been unobservedly thinking about how I’d like to bring up children, how one should treat ones husband and planning my “future” family life like I would not be a spinster. And it feels quite natural. Occasionally have woken up and tough it strange. I don’t know what is happening to me. And now I am seeing those dreams…

It is like preparing for something, but I don’t know what. Yet part of me is steadily on the ground: nothing will happen. Nothing at all. My dreams have never been any signs of future. Maybe this is just part of the never ending growing up process and the feeling of expectation just restlessness over my currently stagnant life.

And maybe I am just reacting to my friends getting hitched and my mother noting that is now or never. Yet the feeling is one of hope, not depression, as would be more natural for me.


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