My Role Models: My Maternal Granny

She was a great lady and so many people loved her. She had warm heart and wide arms. She lived up till 92 years age. She was mentally strong, wise, intelligent and social.

My granny was a storyteller. She used to tell stories of her childhood, her youth and her life. She told about people long ago gone vividly. I loved to listen to her stories and anecdotes. We sat in the chairs by the window and she told about people that had meant something to her. She leaned on the table by the window covered whit one of her white crochet lace. She sometimes looked out of the windows while telling her story like she was looking in the times far away.

Not all of her stories were beautiful nor happy. Some of them were real tragedies of the life and she had lived through them: civil war, second world war and all. She told about the misery and sadness caused by suicides among friends and family. At the very young age I learned to understand the pain of lost. Yet her stories were never heavy nor distressful.

She loved her garden her eldest brother had helped her to build. He was a engine-man working on the railroads and brought her new different kinds of flowers and plants. They had had big family: six brothers and six sisters. Her garden was full of beautiful flowers she took care tirelessly even in her late years.

She used to sing all the times, when she was working. Some of the song were from her amateur theatre years, when she was the star of the plays. I recently noticed that also my mother has started to sing while doing boring things. And I sing in the rain … literally, no joke.

She never fought whit anybody, but was still not afraid of expressing her views nor feelings. She aged in such a gracefull way. The funniest thing is now that I think about it: my mother has adopted a lot of things from her mother, when she is aging.


2 Responses

  1. Hmmm…
    Those lil ol ladies sure know how to garden. I used to have a neighbor lady that had an incredible flower garden. Sadly she had to move to an old folks home and a landlord bought i and rented it out. These idiots have no shame and destroyed her garden in a year.
    I miss that wonderful lady now.

  2. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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