Sleepy and Cuddly

The darkness around this time of the year makes me tired. I’d love to spend my time reading books and watching old movies cuddling whit some one – and not needing to do much more in my spare time. You may’ve noticed how my blogging has gone down, down, down…  Not many creative ideas what-so-ever.

This is propably the time of the year I miss being in a relationship most and also time, when I’ve got the least energy to do something about it. It is good if I got my everyday life running and not much extra. Please let me just relax… I wonder if it was easier in the agriculture or hunting societies, where you did less work in the winter time, when the cattle was home from the pastures and there was not much farming to do. I think human bodies here up north are still in that time scheme.

It is so darn difficult to get up in the mornings. Nothing is worst. I am naturally evening active person, but I also need good night sleep to wake up sharply in the next morning. And when it so dark, when I go to bed (whether I go early or too late) and wake up (if I don’t wake up really late), my inner clock has gone giddy.

Right now I feel cuddle deprivated. Just to snuggle and watch some silly movie and take it easy. There are times in my life that I feel need to share my life, but now it is just all the same: to be physically close to some one: hugging, snuggling, cuddling…. Preferaply something that is big, warm and smells male.

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