Help! They Try to Pick Me Up

I don’t know, if I am overly sensitive or something, but I don’t like men trying to pick me up, when I am walking on the street or something. Yes, yes I know I am again spinster-material here, but I cannot help to feel queasy, when somebody forces his company on me, no matter how nice he would be. ´

Last in the Spinster and Beautiful (or so they told me)…

You might have noticed that I was off for little while (or then you might not, because have not been writing in my usual regularity). I hit off to the beautiful southern beaches whit my mom (yes I know I sound like a truly old maid, but if it is eases your feeling at all next trip I am going to make (in the spring I hope) is supposed to be whit my sister).

In the streets I was left alone mostly – probably because of my mom. Just heard something about being beautiful, princess and darling (habibi). Especially the principessa thing made me check my ears, but hey that’s what he said (in the traffic lights).

Have you ever felt how the flattery, even if you doubt it, makes you feel more beautiful? In my country men don’t usually tell women that they are beautiful. And maybe here I am not that beautiful, but in the south there is always the wonder of blondish hair. So when I get a doze of that, it makes me feel special.

I liked to walk in the waterline at the beach. I did it in two three days, while we were at the beach. In two days guys came bothering me. First one was a boy or at least much younger, but second could be called man. He was also more persistent too. While I was walking in the waves and he had shoes on and he felt he could not talk to me properly, he took of his shoes to walk beside me. I went to sit whit my mother and he followed. He appeared to be quite nice and talked to my mom in a nice way. The first guy just told his friend I was shy. (And then there was also a guy, who came sitting beside me on the bench, but well I was a bit stand-offish).

I don’t know if I had too much attention or if the attention just opened my eyes. Last night in the neighbouring super market I was trying to find something else than carrots to buy – and I thought a guy kind of followed me. He did not say anything, but while I disappeared first time, he appeared next to me second time I stopped by the selves. Weird. Maybe it was co-incident. I’ve heard about flirting in the super-markets, but it was just too strange for my taste – and he did not even say anything.

By the way about the blondness: Check the Map of light hair percentages in Europe from Strange Maps and the discussion following it.


3 Responses

  1. It’s creepy when they stalk you and rude when they make you feel awkward. It’s nice when it’s just in passing, like at the traffic light.
    Either way though, I’m STILL angry and disappointed that it just doesn’t happen much anymore!

  2. Don’t take it that seriously, cause I was just making fun of myself. And it was quite nice to feel atractive for a while.

    I am just a bit shy…

  3. It’s always flattering to feel attractive. About the supermarket, there are initiatives in some towns (I know in France they tried) where single people have a special basket to make their shopping to be noticed as single.

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