Surfing in the Office Time

I know I should not. At the moment I am angry for myself and I suppose I am writing this for that reason. I am sabotasing myself, because I am tired of our office policies and my boring work. I feel chained doing something that I don’t like to. As the work at the moment is major factor in my life, I feel frustrated and rebel by doing things I should not and not doing my work.

So what I’ve been doing? I’ve been answering relationship questions in Yahoo Answers and writing articles for Wikibooks Junior. I especially like the later, because it is creative and doing something for children is a joy. And in answers I’ve got good responses from others. Happily I can’t reach facebook, from my office computer, otherwise would have propably used all my time playing whit it. Others have filled in my facebook that I’m trustworthy, but I don’t feel like at the moment.

I decided to clear my history and all the other offline information, so I can’t automatically reach these accounts from my office computer. I did it this morning and have been feeling a bit lost. I hoped it would help, but only partially. I’ve been wondering, if I should look for new job.


3 Responses

  1. it’s curious that you think about changing your job. I’m asking the same question right now. I don’t feel motivated anymore by my company. I didn’t know about wikibooks junior. Thanks for the information, it will certainly please my sister. and Merry Christmas to you.

  2. time for a new job….step out of the norm and do something different..:)

  3. Well at the moment I am hoping to get on a travel guide course – so let’s see. I already got an invitation to an interview.

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