Old and New Resolutions 2007 and 2008!

It is again time to make resolutions. How did my last years resolutions (2007) came through? And what have I decided for year coming (2008)?

Follow up of 2007 

Last year I made 6 resolutions for new year (2007 Resolutions, little late) they came through little differently. I did not try to change me much, I did find ways to handle my feelings and I blogged about the issues touching me, but about clean surroundings I failed badly especially in autumn, I did not go out to meet new people that much more and taking responsibility of my work did not quite come through. Yet I tried and that is the most important thing, I think.

My New Year 2008 Resolutions

This years resolutions are:

1) Try not to chose the easiest route. This does not mean that one should do things the hardest way, but that one should think about adding little challenge most of the times. (The most important).

2) Eat breakfast.

3) Give worrying and anger their time. Notice the feelings, but don’t let them rule.

4) Continue not changing me. Hang less on the self image and let it break down if necessary.

5) Try to meet new people and try to keep connection to people important to me.

6) Learn to ways to keep it clean. Don’t try to eat an elephant, when cleaning.

7) Pray for “enemies”.

Other Plans

You may have noticed that I did not make resolutions like loosing weight. I try to get fitter and better shaped, but that is constant battle not resolution.

Changing job (look comments on: Surfing in the Office Time) was in my resolutions list and I removed it for that reason. It is not resolution – attitude change, but plan. It is not easy to leave secure job whit nice go-workers, even if you don’t like what you do, but I plan to do something. I also plan to travel somewhat.

Does it Work?

I think making resolutions is nice, but writing them down is more effective, making them public even more. Even if one is not always able to come throug – or like me forgets the resolutions she made. Maybe I should check my progress more often and not just yearly?!

 Ps. If you need help making your resolutions, you might check this: 101 must take new year resolutions for you. And the psychology tips how to make them last: How to make resolutions that will last: Don’t wait until New Year’s Eve.


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