So Unimportant…

Modobs asked me to tell 6 unimportant things about me…

1. The advertising go waste on me. I just don’t remember what they market. I may remember the commercial, because it was funny or something, but not usually what it sold. Yesterday I answered a questionnaire about advertisements I’d seen lately. I could hardly remember one.

2. I love buying gifts for people I like /love. It is lovely to be creative and wonder what theyd like and need. I love to see their reactions, when they open their gifts.

3. My secret wish is to become a god-mother of a friends baby.

4. If I would ever get a son, I’d love to name him “hope” according to my grandpa.

5. Both my parents and my paternal grandparents have had names that mean something in my language.

6. I agree whit Modobs that best things in this life are free like friends, sunshine and smiles.

And I forward this to who ever wants to do it…


One Response

  1. Thanks for posting this! I also love to buy gifts for the others and see their reactions.

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