The Year of Spinster

I’ve now finished the first year of this blog. [I wrote my first postings Hello People! and Dreaming of Hunky Filmstar exactly a year ago: 18th of January 2007.] A bit of ups and downs. Many of my readers have disappeared and others appeared.  In early January I broke my 20000 visitors of which over 10% visited Some “Stupid Girls”, or are they?. Occasionally I’ve wished I had not written about them.

The popular articles have been:

Kissing is Relative, which is a great competitor of Stupid Girls in the daily scenes since I wrote it.

Girl Feeling Giraffe has also been popular and I’ve noticed that other tall girls have suffered from the same phenomenon.

My articles of Italian men especially “I love you, I need you!” have also been pop, but also criticized as well. I have to admit that I was little a bit mean here.

Runner ups have been such postings as Can Men and Women be True Friends?, Shyness is not Unsexy (in Men) and Too Picky? Or Too Shy?

And this was my 160th post.

Thank You! 

I want to thank all of you have been participating whit me on making this blog. Although I originally started to write for therapeutic reasons, I have truly enjoyed many of the discussions during this year.


2 Responses

  1. Woooohooo! Congratulations Raindreamer. The 18th of January is a momentous day for both of us!

    I’m glad to hear you’ve done so well this year. Way to go!

  2. Thank you! Yes I seemed to have started blogging in your birthday…

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