Boys are Romantic

There is this stereotype that men only want one thing and that it starts in the teens. Well the truth seems in reality to be quite different. Peggy Giordano in fact thinks that the teenager boys are the most romantic people that exist.

When I was in my late teens me and my friend shared the idea that most boys we knew were in fact bigger romantics than we were ever. Few years later I was making a play whit guys to the student festival. The guys decided it should be romantic, while I was a way. It was easy for them to hide behind my back (I was the only woman in the group).

One Bad Apple – How bad experiences affect us.

I have a theory that because players sleep whit so many women, most women have some experience of them. The classic note in the business is that what we (customer) remember best are bad experiences and are also the most likely to tell about them to others. That is supposedly because they hurt us and we try to avoid that. So even if the woman has had better experiences the bad ones whit player will haunt her.

I think this is one reason, why we so easily claim that men are not romantic and they don’t have feelings. When Giordano studied teenager boys she found only rare exceptions of player. Most boys were in fact very romantic and had feelings for the special girl. I don’t thnk men change that much even later.

Tim Taylor tried to answer to the question, if men have feelings. His explanation was that men has suppressed the feelings due the peer pressure in their youth. I also believe that the role models and the expect roles affect the way we are able to handle the feelings and men have had very restricted model in this sense. It is not nice to be teased as a girl.

The Anatomy of a Player

December number of the Psychology today had an article called: “Field Guide to the Casanova” that was in fact more like a short of the explanation why players act as they do. It said that most players have some short of sociopath traits as they tend to manipulate women.

Many players have had absent father in the childhood and due this they have problems whit insecurity and self-esteem. Players are often so called late bloomers that had hard time in High School.

The former player interviewed in the article was now in a serious relationship. He said that it demanded new qualities, but also gave him so much more. Put don’t try to reform players – like sociopaths also they have to realise themselves they want something more. Outsiders can do very little.


2 Responses

  1. Thanks! My ex was a player and a sociopath…pretty much sums him up.

  2. So bad. Hope you’ll find or have already found somebody better.

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