Webspotting: How to Recognize Proplem Person?

While most of us are normal, there are still quite a lot of vierd people you can run in to. To avoid them you might like to check some of these – yet remember: don’t make fast interpretations. Most people – also those annoying ones – are normal.

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2 Responses

  1. Seriously this describes my ex to a tee!!! If only I had known this back then…but thank God I’ve moved on…

    He will charm his way into your life and heart, then take complete advantage of you – your emotions, your finances, your intellect. He will make you think you are the crazy one. Your friends will see right through him. He will isolate you from your friends and possibly your family. He cannot hold a job and will probably commit crimes – theft, fraud, forgery, and spend time in jail or prison. He will abuse drugs or alcohol. He may abuse you.

  2. That is one side of the story, but worryingly there are also those, who can very well keep their jobs and their appearances towards the rest of the world and lie convincingly. Only people who need to live close to them suffer from their selfishness, insensitivity and manipulation. The rest of the world is so convinced they might not believe there is nothing wrong.

    They might even be succesful salesmen or religious leaders or such, because in some jobs you benefit of the skills of manipulation and ruthlessness.

    And yes they are wery good making one believe to be the one whit problems, the crazy one. If necessary they also want to control ones company, if the others might think there is something wrong.

    And to be clear here: I think I’ve met a woman of this kind too… so not only men.

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