Is Kiss Just a Kiss?

There are kisses for all the occasions and even if it is technically more or less different – the emotions related to each kiss are special. There is certain flavour of each kiss that imprints the feelings it carries. Here are some:

Kisses of the Moment:

Virginal Kiss – is the most magical of all kisses, it is when you learn to love (or dislike) the kisses. The moment of tension and excitement at the same time. (Cf. Adolphe Bouguereau’s famous L’Amour et Psyché, enfants a.k.a First Kiss).

First Kiss – in the beginning of the relationship tells its future. It is a moment of tension and testing others qualities. It is moment of making or breaking the relationship. (Read: First kiss can make or break a couple’s relationship, NS)

Goodbye Kiss (or the kiss of goodbye or farewell kiss) – there is always some amount of melancholy and blues present in this kind of kiss. It is sweet and sad at the same time as there is vague feeling of loss and possibly  abandonment. There is longing for past and future present in this moment. There is usually vague sense of might not see again here. In some culture the goodbye kiss means a creating made cheek by cheek whit-out lips really touching anything. The “kiss of goodbye” may also mean to ditch.

Kiss of Reunion – when two lovers meet after long break or trip. They feel overjoyed like in the first moments of falling in love. After that there will be returning back to the everyday life. (Cf: Reunion is Sealed with a Kiss)

Goodnight Kiss – is the promise of future and coming together again. It is the way to end a good date or kiss your lover before you go to sleep. A way to show affection. In the end of sexy date it can also be passionate. (See: The Goodbye kiss by Ask Rob)

Wake Up Kiss – there is none so sweet ways of waking up than waking up to the kiss. It is sweet and sleepy and often cuddly too. (Cf: Sleeping Beauty).

Christmas kiss – the coronation of the festive season, usually under the mistletoe. Beware: can be dangerous to the boring relationships.

Queens of the Kisses:

Passionate Kiss – is usually prelude to something more or at least a promise of it.

Playful Kiss – the most funniest kisses of all. Recommended for all in need of some action.

Sweet Kisses:

Kiss of Comfort  – it seeks comfort and maybe also oblivion from the kiss in unpleasant moment. It can turn up to be something else, if it continues further.

Caring Kiss It maybe given when the other person is sick or in a blue mood. It means to comfort.

Gentle or Loving  Kiss – is a show of the affection to other person and builds up the relationship between them. It is not about passion.

Make up Kiss and Kiss of Apology – are kisses imprinted whit the previous argument or error they try to correct, but while Make-up-Kiss is mutual, the kiss of apology is pleading from one side.

Kiss of Thanks– when ones heart is filled whit gratitude. Lovely to give and receive. Better than just words for sure.

Awkward Kisses:

Reluctant or Forced Kiss -no one wants to give and only very few want to receive.

Angry or Bitter Kiss – happens when the love and anger boil over together. At the best it can change the direction of argument for better.

Punishing Kiss – is not very sweet. It can even be violent, although not necessary. At least it is forceful. It can be a form of an angry kiss.

Kiss of Betrayal or Distraction – is kiss intended to pull the wool over the eyes and occasionally succeeding. It means to distract the kissed person to think something else.

Cryptic Kisses:

Polite Kiss -when there is less feeling than graces.

Stiff Kiss – when everything is just an act to keep up pretence.

Stolen Kiss or Surprise Kiss -when a person is not brave enough to act openly.

Shy Kiss -is a sign of great bravery. One is afraid, but the kiss conquers it.



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