A Dream Man

I see a lot of dreams and I often remember them for a while and sometimes even longer. It depends on their meaning. Few nights ago I saw a dream of a guy I used to know couple of years back. He was some kind of a colleague and I did not know him that well then, but after my dream I have not been able to stop thinking him.

This dream was so lively I would not wanted to wake up from it. In it we were in love (but in reality) and I felt so warm and comfortable and close to him. It was like he would have really been there. Is it possibly to fall in love whit a dream? Because it sure feels like that – so strange!

He was a nice guy, but never exactly my type. He was at the same time a social worker and computer geek of the sort. He was not your usual type of geek as he was super social and smiled all the time. No wonder everybody liked him and so did I, but I was not in love. He was a bit of hippy using a lot of colour and having long rastas. I’ve always been more of a classical kind of girl.

Suddenly I found my self daydreaming of a guy I’ve not even remembered existed for a long time. He just jumped out of my dream and I’ve not been able to stop thinking him since.

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