News Flash: Valentine’s Day Banned by Saudis

Country’s religious police forbid selling red roses and valentines day gifts, so that celebrating Valentines would not tempt people to promiscuity. 

It made me wonder, if some married couple would have anniversary now – what would the man do, when he could not by his wife roses, now forbidden.

What is in these peoples mind that they are always thinking the worst of people. Romantics are sweet between married couples and isin’t Valentines ment for them at least as much as for young lovers – or more.

Well it seems that when innocent things are forbidden they tend to go for a black-market – and they do as well in the Saudis.

Read more in: USA Today


2 Responses

  1. I guess the Saudis have an ingenous way to bypass this ban.

  2. I am sure they do. It such an idiotic ban anyway.

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