Spinsters Valentine

Somebody searched for Valentines day and Spinster. Due to it and because I am in the very different mood than I was year ago (solemly against this kind of forced celebrating that creates angst among single people) I intend to celebrate my Valentines alone whit rich chocolate and a good book – something sweetly and emotionally romantic.

I intend to dream about the guy I’d loved to have, but don’t and not feel a bit bitter of being alone. It is better not to think what your missing and rahter dream about what you could have. This is my philopsophy of the Valentines 2008, take it or leave it.

Which brought to my mind this crazy dream I’ve been having lately about a shop that would sell chocolate and romantics (books and films) and which would be perfect place to shop for this kind of events as well as rainy days. I’ve been developing the concept in my head for a while, but as I am very bad of butting things in action nothing is propably going to come out of it.

And I have to admit: today I am happy. I am not envious, nor bitter. Maybe that is some progress.


2 Responses

  1. Dont you bother about the romantic novels and the chocolates. Or the man. When the right man is good and ready, he will make his presence felt. Having said that, here’s wishing you love in the year ahead…

  2. Thank you for your sweet wishes and all the best for you too.

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