Please don’t ever Propose me at the Valentines!

There is just this one wish I have for man who ever is going to propose me. I don’t mind how he does it (but might have notice that my taste is not for romantic cliches…) but please would you not propose me at Valentines. It is so old and corny.

My parents got engages at Valentines day in fact. The Valentines day at that time was not really known in my country and my father must have picked up the idea in Germany, where he had lived and worked as an engineer for couple of years (yes my family is kind of a travelling one).

One can see there was a novelty factor there, because as I said the day and its celebration was not well known yet and it was something fresh still. Today it is different even here. I would much prefer 2.2 (February second) for example or new years eve or midsummer or preferably any other day in calender – even if it would not have any great meaning, but I wish he would skip the Valentines.

Yet this might not be very important posting as I am likely never to be proposed. It just came to my mind in the after Valentine feeling.  Maybe I need to try my luck at some leap day some year (not this year tough because I would not know who to propose). At least I can get new gloves or dress cloth (depends on tradition which one).


6 Responses

  1. I find reasonable success proposing on St. Patrick’s day.

  2. That was a great idea. 🙂

  3. V-Day is such a cheesy day, no, really, you have reason on this. And I second aniche.

  4. I just red this morning that Liam Gallagher and Nicole Appelton married at the Valentines – well that was super-cheesy (and even more boring). Sight!

    Could people have little more imagination. And some even called that romantic. I’d call it far too easy…

    Especially as it was no suprise wedding and they’ve been together so long. Only good thing seems to be that it was not a cream-cake-wedding.

    Not that I am usually so interested about celebs, but the idea that some people tought this romantic just hit my eye.

  5. It sounds so cliché to marry on V-Day, especially since many people would have the same idea.

  6. In my country the favourite day is the midsummer – and it goes for me as engagement day, but not as a wedding as people usually want to celebrate it somehow differently (like maybe also the Valentines, if they have their own darling). It is no point of disturbing others holiday plans, if you can as well arrange it in some other day!

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