Desperately Seeking True Gentlemen

It seems to me that true Gentlemen are not in fashion. There are some guys, who act gentlemanly in front of women they are after, but behind their backs are buggers. The true gentleman first of all must truly respect and cherish women (in general), a trait that was banned by a gang of ultra-feminist in the name of absolute equality.

Due to this true gentlemen are rare and far between. Few men dare to stop opening doors to women that don’t seem thankful. Few men bother guarding their tongue in the presence of women. The positive discrimination of good manners of gentlemen is gone. You can find Neanderthals as well from the top as from the bottom of the society, as well from the millioinaires (e. g. Donald Trump) as from the plumbers.

Some men have decided to imitate gentlemen to woo women. They pretend to treat the women they are interested in gentlemanly. If you want to test if these guys are true gentlemen and not just pretenders, watch how they treat women of less importance like ugly ducklings, little girls and old grannies. That shows you how they will treat you in long term relationship. True gentlemen don’t discriminate women on the bases of desirability.

Some men it seems consider dirty talking as an average and neutral everyday language. They throw sexist comments and juvenile jokes around as if they would be appropriate in every occasions. If some one does not laugh and, especially if that person is female, they act offended and call them, if they happen to be women, humorless bitches. It seems to me that these guys have not yet dried the water behind their ears.

There are also gentlemen in disguise. They don’t howl about their gentleman traits and they might not even know all the curls of the etiquette, but if you follow their behaviour faithfully you slowly learn to understand that they are gentlemen in their hearts. I have to admit that I respect these artless closet gentlemen much more than those, whose nobility is just for the outer shine.

I think it is time we admit that women and men are at least slightly different and that there is place and time for positive discrimination even in the most modern society. There is no need to return to the middle ages in the name of equality. The good manners have developed because everyone wants to be treated nicely. So gentlemen: be my quest and open the doors for ladies.


4 Responses

  1. It’s true that you can’t find a genuine gentleman anymore. Most men I know will open the door for the ladies, but won’t hesitate to criticize women of less importance. Yet, as you said, the true gentleman belongs to an old period, where equality between the opposite sex wasn’t the case.

  2. I don’t know – women are (generally) more polite than men – so should not men also train this quality a little?

    E.g. We don’t (usually) critize some other man’s looks at their presence as they (very often) do.

  3. I don’t consider myself a gentleman (I don’t believe anyone can call themselves that, it is up for others to decide), but I do hold open the door for all women and men, no matter what age they are or whether I find them attractive or not (this goes more especially for men, as I wouldn’t open the door for any of them if that’s the case). Instead of treating women any differently than men and holding my tongue around women, I, generally speaking, don’t use juvenile jokes, I am always courteous and respectful of all. When someone insults me, I turn the other cheek. I always try to help, whether that is in a supportive role, or something that I can do to lighten the load. I have been known to routinely offer my jacket (in fairness, I don’t do that one to guys as much as I do women). I never act inappropriately towards women. I suppose I do fill a lot of the criteria of being a gentleman, but as I said, it’s not my place to say.

    But the point of this is, gentlemen are not wanted in this world. While I have had many a love interest in the past 5 years, not one of them has ever shown an interest in me. The majority of women prefer someone who will be more forceful than a gentleman. As such the gentleman is a dying breed. I aspire to be a gentleman, perhaps in another time this was the ‘norm’, however in today’s society, it is often a lonely path, with the hope of maybe you will find someone. But I choose to follow this path because I believe it proper, true and, for want of a better word, noble.
    If you want to find the answer to why it’s so hard to find gentlemen, find it in the fast pace, one stop, quick fix society we live in. It has made being a gentleman too difficult for most men to accept.

  4. Maybe You and I are just romantics. And in today’s world there is not much place for romantics. Only thing we can do is to act differently ourselves, but I admit that is difficult. Well at least now you know and I know (well I knew even before, because I’ve met few gentlemen) that different kind of attitudes do exist even if we don’t meet them everyday.

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