Further Confession of Net-Dating-Virgin: Falling Love with a Profile?

As you might have heard I wrote a profile in a Internet dating page, where you don’t see a picture right away – only after the other one gives you permission. Whit-out seeing a picture and and me writing much more than three paragraphs of my profile, one man told me (repeatedly) that he had fallen in love with my profile.

I wonder whether one can really fall in love with a profile described in few words. I have not been able to. I’ve got interested, I loved to meet some men, but no I have not fallen in love with them, even if I have experience in falling in love with a first sight (almost at least).

I can understand some one falling in love with letters. You learn to know others personality little by little. Yet it takes time. But short piece of text of about ten sentences goes over my head. Yet he says he did. Only I think he has formed in his head a picture of woman he thinks he has fallen in love with, but whether I am that woman or not I am not sure at all. Just meeting me might cure him – or not .

I’ve learned to not to trust fleeting emotions. Yet I have factually fallen in love with a first sight. I fell for a guy I for long time believed to be my soul-mate. We liked similar things and our thinking was parallel. Yet it was not lovely relationship and after it I rather go with less soul deep connection and more genuine caring. I have to admit it was immaturity of both parties that played a big part in this disaster. I was not ready and he was ready to wait for me.

I have to admit that immediately falling in love with my profile and the scares information in it made me wary and felt a bit creepy.


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