Further Observations of the Net-Dating-Virgin: Internet Dating Feels a Little Clinical to Me

Few days ago I wrote about wondering how some one can fall in a couple of paragraphs of the profile and noted I could not. Internet dating in fact, whit-out meeting the person in question in reality, feels little clinical to me. One is picking the perfect combination of qualities and feels picky – because the real thing: do I like how he behaves and does chemistry work don’t translate in the black letters in the screen.

The more one writes, more one learns to understand other ones thinking, yet it is almost impossible to get the know some one through just couple of e-mails. Few of these guys, definitely more experienced with this, have told me there is no point writing for long time and one should meet soon to not to build false expectations. Yet I feel like going to a blind date especially as several of these guys have not even insisted seeing my photo (and due this I’ve not seen them).

My experiences of Internet dating are quite unromantic. I feel like shopping with a list, not like falling in love. Even if I want to be wise in picking my future partner, I still want to fall in love and this does not feel like it at all. I must be more romantic than I’ve thought, because this is really frustrating. I don’t want to pick men due some random aspects or some lines in the message that might or might as well not be important for future relationship. I believe I could know more after few minutes meeting. So maybe we should meet…


4 Responses

  1. Yes, you should not wait to meet your internet dates, because you can get fooled easier by emails.

  2. Yes, people may mislead intentionally, but one can also get false picture by one self.

  3. I agree with a lot of what you said. It really isn’t romantic and it does feel a clinical.
    I did date people I met on dating sites-and would again, for a few reasons. It was good for me because I could easily exclude people whose interests and lifestyles were completely different than mine. Also I could have a date every night, where otherwise I would be lucky to have 7 dates in a year. So, I was meeting a lot more people, who liked to do the same things I did, and some who liked only some of the same things.
    Ultimately, it is about compatibility and chemistry, so I found the best thing to do was to meet soon if there was any interest there. Most of them weren’t for me, but one finally was.
    So, if you are trying internet dating, meet soon, and meet many. Love isn’t about how you find each other, it’s about what you find in each other. Good luck!

  4. Thanks that was very good advice.

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