Overly Charming Men

You know these guys: they’re charming, alluring and totally bad. You just can’t resist them. You know that reasonable woman would and that you should, but you just can’t (or don’t want to). They are rogues and players and should be avoided by any wise woman and we all know it instinctively if not knowingly, but we cannot help our selves and end up whit broken heart.

These are the guys that can make woman hang on them. They can break up light-hearted and while making their women suffer at the same time keep them keen. The silly women will be ready to open up their bosoms even after continuous offence against their feelings. They are the guys British used to call rakes. They bewitch women like snake charmers.

There is this one mystery about being woman. There are these men, who can take us and leave us and we don’t even protest loudly. It is like we go to the relationship ready to be hurt. They give us fast bliss and long yearning. They use the fact that we don’t seem to be able to get over them.

There are wise women, who are able to hide their weaknesses, but that is the only thing that differs them from the silly ones, because in their heart they are just as vulnerable to the silly charms of the dangerous men.

Then there are the strong women, who fight back. They let these guys know that they should not come close to them. You can only become strong by first becoming wise, because you have to recognise the charmers and understand their danger, before you’re able to put them in their place. And only these women. These women, who don’t give the guys any liberties can maybe change the charmers, but only maybe.


4 Responses

  1. i consider myself a strong woman, but have knowingly walked into a relationship with just such a person. i knew i would be hurt, but at that moment it seemed like the fun of the quick relationship was better than no relationship at all. i don’t regret it, but i am amazed at my heart for STILL being attracted to this person even AFTER he was done with me.

  2. Yes, the proplem with these guys is that one cannot get them out of your heart so easily as you’d want to. They can take you and leave you and it would be totally fine, if you could do that too. But often one cannot.

  3. So very true..so very true..and I thought I was alone and vulnerable while others would be strong if they were in my place..

  4. Thanks Smear.

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