On the Cranky Mood (about Selfishness)

It all started, when I red from the Dr. Phil’s page that men are biologically destined to be selfish. Men often complain about women being greedy, but the real life studies shows that men use more money to their own convenience (like nice gadgets), while women usually invest towards home and family. Women also do most of the house work (the so called men’s jobs do take usually quite a little time in average).

Females just invest more for their families than men do and I’ve always consider this is due the up bringing. I was taught to sweet, pleasing and caring.

Some men consider that because they work and wife stays at home (investing her time and career for taking care of his kids), she should live with what he gives. Yet I’ve always considered this being learned attitude.

Now some one comes and tells me that this is a biological fact and they can not (and if you read between the lines: should not) change. Than made me angry.

The anger is rooted in my past, I know. I always felt cheap in my childhood, when my dad vetoed on his bringing money to the family as a reason, why we had to do as he pleased. I’ve always wanted to find a guy to whom money mattered less. This made me afraid I could not…

Suddenly after writing this I don’t feel cranky no more, as I know what it was about. Some times it is good to dig a little.


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