The Bundle is Showing Already

I find that unlike many single women claim to do, I enjoy talking about pregnancy, baby slings, different kind of diapers, prams and how and where baby should sleep. As I told before I feel even closer connection to my friend now that she is pregnant.

My friend is bigger now, although her weight is more evenly distributed than in most pregnant women and one might not be so sure, if one would not have seen her before. She says she does not need to use maternity pants and clothes yet, although she has been using tunics for while already.

Touch the tummy? No I have not felt the baby kicking and would not try to touch her stomach, if she will not offer (probably wont). It would be interesting, but not something I think I want to push. I wonder will people really try to touch pregnant women’s stomachs – probably not in our culture. She has told me that she has already felt for a while some movements.

This has also made me think about children myself – you also might have noticed it, when I freaked about the menopause thing. Men are so lucky as they don’t have to worry of the things like that.


2 Responses

  1. I didn’t have much trouble with people wanting to touch my belly. I did let a lot of people do it in the end. It didn’t bother me as much as I thought it would before I was pregnant.

  2. Thanks for telling Danielle. That was nice to know.

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