Do You Need to Prove Your Love?

He wants you to skip important meeting to be with him. She needs to talk to you in the middle of the night. He wants you to grow longer hair. She is whining every time (and that is not often) you want to spend night out with pals.

One of the clear signs of emotional manipulation, abusive relationships and manipulative personalities is insistence of needing to prove your love. There are all kind of sick tests of love people can be put through. In as normal relationship respect and faithfulness is enough and they don’t need to be tested.

In this unhealthy relationship you’re constantly tested, whether your fill their limitless need of love. Of course you cannot, because your not their parent nor god. These people try to use you to fill up the holes that were left unfilled while they were kids. The saddest cases in the world, hollow and very lonely. Yet they can only be cured, if they admit it is their problem and not others. Instead they blame others for their insecurity and lack of necessary love.

The reasonable test for love is everyday consideration, respect and faithfulness. The true love forgives the failures daily and does not behave like a jobsworth. It does not sacrifice unreasonable nor expect others to sacrifice themselves. Nor does it play martyr, if something goes wrong or it needs to admit its own fault. It is forgiving, forgetting and excusing.


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