In the Meanwhile (for only those curious of my whereabouts)

While I feel like nothing has happened, during the time I was away from here, there has been those moments. First I’ve heard that I’ll be godmother. He/She should born one of these days. I like children and while not having any of my own godchild is a good substitute. I have felt little left out in fact, because many of my friends have had plenty of godkids. This is my first. Although one old friend (long time not seen) told me that she could have written the same story: for years no godchildren and then in the few years several. I wonder…

In June I was in my summer holiday. I visited Italy – went to the Gulf of Naples, in to the green island of Ischia. I travelled alone and some of my compatriot young women asked, how do I dare to travel alone to Italy. Now Italy I’ve never considered a problem – or at least not after my first visit. I can handle Italian men alright. Anyway I was pretty much left alone. Only one day I was wearing skirt and was asked for a ride, which I politely and smilingly denied. (Have to admit that it made my day. )

My friends have bought a house I visited in the end of my holiday. They moved away from the big city – mostly due the work, but at the same time were able to upgrade their living standards from small flat to own, although slightly older house. It was nice. I started to think about the possibility to remove me from the big city and moving to a cheaper and smaller town. Yes I am getting old.

There was even questionably romantic moment after I came back from my holiday. One evening after work I met an old acquaintance and we spoke couple of hours, while standing on the pavement and it was even slightly raining and we needed to move under the cover. It was nice, but afterwards I did not know what to make about it. He seemed keen to talk to me though. He asked me to spend time whit their group of people and I’ve intended to, but while it is already couple of weeks ago, I’ve not managed. Maybe I am so inefficient, because I am slightly baffled what to make about it. I wonder if I should not try make anything about it before I see it through.

This was again me-me-me post, most of you might not be at all interested. I just wrote it to update those friends I’ve made through the blogging world and who might have wondered what happened to me. One last thing: I am finally finished with this job (mentally – because it is permanent) and ready to find new one. I know I don’t want to jump for first (and maybe worst) possibility, so I am looking for a long process. But I feel it is necessary.


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