Men with Rebutations (and Women Who Date Them)

Now there are men that don’t seem to be able to stay loyal to their women. You may guess what I am talking about: Jude Law. He is cute and so unreliable. What is it in women, that makes them believe they can be the ones to reform the rakes. He has already that long reputation of being a gambler.

Just like Alfie

After making the movie Alfie during the divorce process he has behaved like his character in that film. Sure he is cute and charming and unbelievably sexy, but is it enough excuse to let him break your heart. In this case Kimberly Stewart had no right to act surprised after his history with Sienna Miller. And if 35-years old guy is dating 20 year old, he is not planning of getting serious in the near future either. In fact it seems to me that Mr. Law has tried family life and got enough of steady girl friends and wives, even if he is a loving father for sure.

Although they say that reformed rakes make best husbands, the truth is that once a cheater always a cheater. So if one knows that a man has a reputation of being a cheater, one is playing with fire. And while most of us don’t even dream of dating movie stars, we can learn something from this incident ourselves and look serious before we start playing with fire with more ordinary players of our own lives. If woman starts to date a guy like this, he is asking to be hurt – no matter what he would tell her.

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Oh, and watch Alfie – it makes you understand…


2 Responses

  1. You certainly said that right !
    I think Denise Richards would finally agree with you as well. I’ll never forget the People Magazine article with her in it cooing over him intiially, saying his past didn’t matter.
    If a guy has a history, you’ll soon be on its pages.

  2. Yes, the years (and bad experiences of my own) give some wisdom. I just hope I’d have known these things in my early 20s or even better in my late teens.

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