A Spinster Theory: Being Grumpy

Ok, first a warning: there are not even vague scientific grounds on this.

I have noticed the growing acidness on my temper. I wonder if it has anything to do with absence of men from my life (or maybe of absence of sleep lately, but that is not as fun to wonder). I once red a theory that male fragrance – or should I say sweat – makes women relax. Now this had something to do with getting girls on the mood after guys coming from the hunting trips and before going for another. Now ladies that are fussed are usually hard to get on the mood. Yet I have been lately wondering if this has something to do with less mellow attitude of many spinsters.

What I mean is that we (the spinsters) never get a good portion of closeness with men – that is cuddling – and so we never get to smell their sweat enough to mellow us. The women who are staying with their men, are the opposite. Maybe a woman on her own has needed more spunk. This might also be the reason, why so many women close their eyes on their mens imperfections. The sole presence of their men calms them down. Not necessary a bad thing, as long as you don’t let yourself to be treated badly.


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