Brand New Baby Girl

I am unofficially a God mother (- it will be official only after the babtism of course). The baby girl was born couple of weeks ago and after it we had a slight worry with her blood sugar levels, but now everything is fine. I am happy for them and part of me wants to throw a party and another part of me wants to pamper her to rots.

I was almost sure it was a boy, before it was born. Earlier during the pregnancy I was thinking it was a girl – I just had a feeling, but later I had almost convinced myself it would be a boy as its daddy thought it would be. I had almost bought a skull & bones pacifier (for a joke) cause I knew its daddy had asked for skull cloth nappies. But it was born to be a most beautiful little girl possible.

One of my collegues commented on me that somehting happens on the brains of women, when they see babies. I don’t know if that is true for them all, but for me it is I suppose. I am over the moon – and it is not even my niece nor my own daughter. The whole summer I we been feeling like there is some kind of population rush as it seems that every third woman you see (of fertile age) are pregnant. I was thinking I was little nutty, before I red an article that the maternity wards are in trouble as there are so many babies expected in the best holiday season. Everybody is working overtime.

And no wonder – just couple of years ago my cousine gave birth to her second about this time and now my friend too. Yet both of them was not so much planned as my cousine and her hubbie had given up the hope for another. And my friend and her hubbie had decided that one could come when it would come. They had counted that as neither of them is very young anymore, the baby might take some time. I just red about this few weeks ago as the researchers have found out that also male fertility slumps after they turn to 40s. So its not only women, who should get the babies early enough but also men should not leave it too late.

I’d love to get a baby of my own, but I just don’t think I am ready yet – and I don’t have that much time anymore.

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  1. Ps. I was shopping for the baby girl and ended up buying quite a lot. I bought her t-shirt, cap and rompers all in pink. In addition I got her tiniest possible denim skirt. So pretty. Then I also bought a book to her mother about nursery songs with play advice. It is lovely. Have to admit that at the moment I am full of the baby and forgot all about men for a moment. I am going to meet her tonight. Lovely.

  2. Congratulations! That is so special.
    My niece is my God-daughter and my other niece has my name for her middle name. I have a special connection with both and they’re my favorite girls in the whole world!
    You are welcome to spoil them and see them as much as their mom will let you.
    Again, congratulations.

  3. Well she is one of my best friends daughter (I kind of have two bfs). Tiny little thing. I saw her in the weekend and I am besotted. And so seems to be her single retarded aunt, who was already befor hand sure she was girl and had gone shopping for a dress. She is very visual person and artist and it is not suprising that she wants to buy something like that, it is only wonderful how keen she is.

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