Generation Gap: Blogging

Few weeks ago couple of my older colleagues discussed about blogging. While I see blogging liberating thing, because I am able to express myself anonymously, they felt it like a loosing privacy. For sure this is a very public diary, but writing diary is rather lonely thing, when nobody is never going to respond for your thought and feelings. Blogging for me is essentially social upgrade for diary.

These older ladies considered blogging as somebody peeking inside your brains and stealing your inner thoughts. I myself see blogging more like exchange of ideas and discussion. It is like somebody tells a story and others discuss about it. I don’t just write about my thoughts and feelings, I also read other people blogging them selves and I am inspired by them.

And of course I have to be on-line occasionally, if I don’t like to loose the connection entirely, but there is no need to tell every morning how I feel. It is not like I have to write every thought and feeling. I write when I feel like it and when writing gives me either pleasure or comfort. I don’t write if it makes me feel  distressed.

Even if I blog, I still own my feelings and thoughts. They are still mine and nobody else’s. They cannot be suddenly surgically removed from me. They are mine. I don’t feel like loosing, when I am blogging, I feel like gaining. That is thanks to you, who read me and even more for those, who also answer to me. Thank you!


5 Responses

  1. Your’e welcome! I learn a lot from those who read me too 😉

  2. Great post! I feel the same way. Also it’s an easy way for people that I know to see what I’m up to.
    I think I need a secret blog though, to put up my thoughts that I don’t want the people I know to read and respond to. Your blog is honest and heartfelt and mine is just what I do and see, more like a chronicle of my life than a diary of my thoughts and feelings. I say that, because often the perspective of a stranger is just what you need to justify your thoughts and feelings, or even just help you think them through. Or, just to know there’s others out there like you.

  3. Thanks modobs and ryssee. Like I said: I learn a lot from the people who respond to me.

  4. I dont see an issue as long as you are being honest and expressing yourself. But the moment you start writing keeping in mind what people would think about the blog, it will not be about your feelings. It will be more about what you want people to read and infer from your blogs

  5. So true: been there, seen that, happily got over it… 😉

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