Sweet Imperfection

There is point in every relationship, where you have to admit that person you are in love with is not perfect. You start to see him or her as she or he really is. That is the moment of truth, because it decides whether you can really love that person or not. I feel that it’s the moment, where the truth is measured and you have to give up the dream partner and get to know the real person.

Yet I think it is one of the best moments of the relationship, because only after it you can learn to really love the person as he or she is with all faults, peculiarities and imperfections. While it is a moment of truth, it is as well the moment of hope, as it makes possible to our greatest dream to come true: to be loved as a real person we are.

If you wait for dream reality and believe that relationship and your partner should be perfect, this might be painful moment. If you’re stuck with idea that your relationship should be perfect fairy-tale, you might either give it up or deny the reality. Either way the partner will not get to be loved as you is and you yourself might be hunting impossible dream. If you self end up to be the unloved partner, you might feel betrayed, either because you’re abandoned for what seems like insignificant reasons or because it is not really you they are in love with, its their imagined dream person. It might take time to realise the situation one is in.

I would not want to be worshipped on the pedestal for many raesons. Primarly I’d want to be loved and respected as a whole person with my peculiarities and flaws. I am also afraid of falling down in a hard way. Also there is not much space to move on the pedestal and I would not want to be prisoned by some one elses hopes, dreams and expectations. One must see this as a different question than taking the other persons hopes and needs in to consideration.

When I first time came to the point, where I needed to let the man down from the pedestal of infatuation, it was eye opening moment. It was also sweet moment, when I understood I could love him as a real person. I found out that imperfection could be sweet. That moment is one I’ve kind of learned to wait for. It makes the relationship so much more deep and meaningful. To be sweetly teased of ones imperfections can be lovely as a sign of true love.


2 Responses

  1. When you put someone on a pedestal, it’s really easy to make him come down quickly. This is why, like you, I hate to be worshipped and to be put on a pedestal. We are not perfect. And this is what makes us lovable.

  2. That is true – the pedestal is dangerous place, but it is also lonely, because the real connection is missing.

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