Who Are Your Family?

Who do you consider to be part of your family? Is it your spouse or partner, your children and maybe stepchildren, who are living with you. I have heard a definition that family are the people using the same fridge. I am the only one using my fridge. According this definition, I’d be my only family. Rather lonely family in my opinion.

Many people, I have understood that not only single, consider still being part of their childhood family. Many mothers consider their children still being their children, even if they’d grown up. I remember seeing just short while ago an about 80 years old mother telling her 50 year old son that mother always believes him, even if nobody else would. That some how stuck in my mind, even when I don’t really remember, what the document itself was about. And if one has had at least decent relationship with ones parents, one cannot help worrying for them, when they are growing old.

Yet the childhood family is not the only one you can consider outside your current living conditions. There might be ex-partners, children and step-children living outside your home and even friends you can consider being part of your family. Especially for the single people the circle of friends are necessity, but they are often important also for those, who live in the relationship and those, who have started a family of their own.

Even traditionally the family borders have never been very clear. In the past (and in certain cases also in present) people were living in the extended families . Often family might have included at least maiden aunts or orphan cousins, but in some cases also grandparents and maybe even uncles and aunts with cousins, nieces and nephews. And especially Christianity have been adding the family members with godparents and -children.

Lately the most important person in my life has been my (future) god daughter. Of course my childhood family (especially mother, now living alone) and friends are important too. Even if I am living a single life, it does not mean that I’d be free of ties.  Sometimes I’ve still been thinking living in a community would be nice. At least you’d see some one, when you came home.

Happily I am not yet one of those, who could die and be forgotten for half a decade, before found mummified from their flats. (Or been eaten by their dogs like Bridget J. was worried about).


2 Responses

  1. My best friend has a great saying: Your friends are the family you choose.

  2. Great saying.

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