On Writing and Blogging

Fwe Tought of Writing:

March 27th 2007:

Have become slightly addicted on writing. Have a lot of articles waiting publication and many titles waiting writing them. It seems more I write, the more inspiration I get.

I started this blog as an emotional and therapeutic project, but it has changed more as a writing and social project. It is funny, how something not turns out how one thinks.

Sometimes I’ve not exactly succeeded whit my writing and often I need to correct my text afterwards. But here also editing stops somewhere. It is not never-ending as it usually is. That was the problem whit my thesis too. Althoug my problem of writing whit “with” seems never-ending. 😉

May 2nd 2007:

Misspellings hit again: instead soothing I wrote shooting – I wonder what idea did the readers get. Great!

Also did some spring-cleaning in the blog today. Let see how it works. I’ve been missing comments lately and I am worried, if there is something wrong in here.

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